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This company is conveniently a few exits from where we live which makes all the difference when you have bee problems, need service Asap. Talked to Dave over the phone, he was really sympathetic with the issue at hand knowing I'm terrified of bees and that I have a little puppy who I was worried about getting stung. He was patient, answered all our questions. I agreed to have him service our home. He removed the bees from our sprinkler valve box, cleaned the box. Dave did a great job, pricing was reasonable. We would recommend him to family & friends.
Laurie Bagwell
03:56 13 Jun 17
Excellent quick service! Dave was able to come out and do a live bee removal from an irrigation box in my front yard. He removed the bees and cleaned out the inside of the box to ensure that the honey bees didn't come back again. Would highly recommend Riverside Bee Removal Pros to anyone who is having a bee issue at their home.
Kiyo Eads
18:37 04 Mar 17
Dave came out the same day and had my bees removed from the attic of my home. Also repaired the roof!
Shirley Reed
23:49 02 Mar 17
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Bee Removal Experience

Starting 12 years ago we knew the importance of removing honey bees live rather than exterminating.



Construction Repair Experience

Our construction repair experience ensures that any structural damage created by the bees will be repaired professionally.



Satisfied Customers

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We care about your satisfaction and guarantee our work.



Bees We’ve Saved

The number above is conservative. The bees we’ve saved are countless. Providing necessary pollination for our crops and orchards.

The Best Live Bee Removal Service in Riverside

Riverside Bee Removal Pros are committed to rescuing honey bees who may have decided to inhabit your wall space or perhaps the fascia and eves of your home or place of business. After the live bee removal, we transport the honey bees and their honeycomb to an apiary in a rural area of San Diego County.  We manage one of the best live bee removal services in the Riverside County area.  At Riverside Bee Removal Pros we know the importance that bees and their pollination provide to our crops and orchards. If you have bees, don’t exterminate – help the bees propagate by calling our live bee removal experts.

Don’t hesitate to call us day or night at 951-265-8292 or send us a message on our bee removal contact page.

Do I have a bee swarm or a hive?

A swarm is a large group of bees congregating around their queen. Most swarms are in trees or the underside of fascia and eves.

A hive, on the other hand, is an established bee colony where you will find the honeycomb and honey that have been carefully constructed. We often find these hives in attics, inside wall spaces, water boxes or trees.

Riverside Bee Removal Pros will remove beehives and honeybee swarms making sure to keep them alive. We will in no way use any chemical pesticide or kill any honeybees! Beehive removal fees are given on an individual basis as there are many elements to consider: is structural access needed and what extent of repairs are necessary.

Whether you have a beehive or a honey bee swarm please gives us a call or fill out our contact form.

In all of our live bee removals, the bees are brought to a 45+ beehive apiary where they can continue to proliferate and provide pollination for the surrounding community.  If you are interested in keeping  bees that are removed, we sell customized bee hives.

Our Clients Testimonials

Is complete bee and beehive removal really necessary?

As soon as you spray bees with chemical pesticides it kills the honeybees but the honey and honey comb are left behind for rodents and pests to feed on and contaminate the area with their droppings. Another reason is that more bees can often occupy the beehive and you have another live beehive on your hands. That’s why it’s critical that the entire beehive and honeycomb are removed from your property.

Does beehive removal cause structural damage?

Unfortunately it can. Bees are very resourceful and can find the trickiest places to build their hives. If they are in your wall space or the crawl space in your house, we will need to gain access by cutting into the structure to effectively remove all remnants of the hive.

Do you do bee removal repairs?

We perform exceptional bee removal repairs. With 17 years of construction experience, by the time we are done with any structural repairs from your bee removal, you wouldn’t even know you had a beehive.

The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them. 
~ Saint Francis de Sales