Ontario Bee Removal Pros

Over 12 Years Live Bee Removal Experience

Ontario Bee Removal Pros

Ontario residents dealing with a bee infestation in their home or on their property should get professional help from the experts at Riverside Bee Removal Pros. Rid your home of its bee problem while keeping the environment in mind. Our live bee removal services don’t use pesticides or poisons. Riverside Bee Removal Pros actually owns its own apiary and once we remove the bees and their honeycomb from your house, our experts bring the bees to the apiary so they can pollinate local food crops. This is why live bee removal is the best solution! Riverside Bee Removal Pros takes care of your home’s bee problem and then gives the honeybees back to the environment.

Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide the following services to Ontario and surrounding areas:

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Honey Comb/Bee Hive Removal
  • Bee Removal Repairs
  • Bee Proofing
  • Bee Transfer (to our local apiary so they can thrive)

Bee Removal Repairs

Bees are a nuisance, especially when they’ve decided to take up residence in your Ontario, CA home. Bees are also very destructive when they create their hive and honey comb, leaving potential structural damage behind once they’ve been removed. On the other hand, the bee removal process may require the dismantling of areas of your home so that the hive can be accessed. A bee infestation’s damage, no matter the cause, must be taken care of. Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide bee removal repairs as well! Our experts assess the damage and provide high-quality renovations to bring your home back to its best condition! Our construction is also guaranteed against future water leaks!

Bee Swarm Removal Riverside, CABee Proofing

Once the bees are removed from your Ontario home, it’s important to prevent them from ever returning. Riverside Bee Removal Pros bee proofing services will make sure the bees are gone for good. Inspecting your home for areas where bees can get inside, our bee proofing experts will seal any openings, holes, cracks or gaps to prevent the bees return. Our specialists even use an oil-based spray in their bee proofing process. Bees have an incredible sense of smell, and even if the hive or honeycomb has been removed, a bee is able to smell where it used to be. This oil-based spray combats the bees attraction and makes sure your home is off limits.

Bee Transfer

Honey bee populations have been suffering, and with the California farm industry relying heavily on the bees ability to pollinate their crops, it’s critical to keep them alive. Riverside Bee Removal Pros live bee removal does just that. We take your family’s bee problem and make it a benefit for the local environment. Riverside Bee Removal Pros even own their own apiary. Transferring the bees from your home to our local apiary ensures the bees help the local environment flourish!

If you’re looking for live bee removal services, look no further than Riverside Bee Removal Pros. Ontario residents can expect fast and easy service that guarantees homes will be bee-free in no time!