Fallbrook Bee Removal

Fallbrook Bee Removal

When your Fallbrook home is affected by a bee infestation, rely on the bee removal services options provided by Riverside Bee Removal Pros. Our company has vast experience in removing bees from Fallbrook homes and surrounding areas, providing safe removal services, without the use of harmful pesticides. We use natural methods for removal and take the bees to our apiary, so they can continue to be of benefit to the environment.

Riverside Bee Removal Pros Provides Quality Services to Fallbrook and Surrounding Areas:

live bee removal fallbrookBee Removal Repairs in Fallbrook

It can be quite dangerous to have a bee infestation in the home. If a child or adult in your home is allergic to bees, they can be affected by just one bee sting. The individual will have to avoid going outside or in certain areas of the home to stay away from the bee infestation. Honey bees can also cause structural damage to the home, which leads to major repair needs.

When Riverside Bee Removal Pros arrives at your home, we find the area of the infestation and get right to work. We remove areas of the home such as portions of the wall or roof, to ensure the entire hive can be removed. The full hive must be removed so that bees are not attracted to the home in the future. Once the hive and bees are removed, we focus on the repair work.

Our experts will restore your Fallbrook home to its former state. Our repair work is 100% guaranteed and you will not be able to even tell that the area was affected by bees in the first place! We focus on quality removal and repairs, then move on to bee proofing to ensure your home is not affected by honey bees again in the future.

Fallbrook Bee Proofing

Once the honey bees have been removed by our Riverside Bee Removal Pros, and repair work completed, the proofing process begins. Bees have a strong sense of smell, so something must be done to cover up any pheromones that can be left behind. With our special oil-based sealant, we focus on covering up any cracks and holes, ensuring that bees are not attracted to the former hive in the future.

Bee Transfer

During our removal process, we will focus on transferring the bees to our local apiary. Bees play a large role in the pollination of the food industry, so our process of live bee removal helps the bees to reintegrate into the environment and benefit California farms.

Let Riverside Bee Removal Pros help you when honey bees infest your Fallbrook home. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for live bee removal.