Corona Bee Removal

Honey Bees Are Our Business

Corona Bee Removal

Have you noticed an influx of bees in and around your home? You might have a bee infestation. Get professional help from Riverside Bee Removal Pros! Our live bee removal experts will take care of your bee problem the natural way, without the use of poisons and pesticides. Corona area homeowners that are dealing with a honey bee swarm or colony can feel rest assured, our bee removal process keeps bees alive so that they can pollinate the local ecosystem. Riverside Bee Removal Pros can not only provide a bee removal solution, but helps improve the local environment at the same time!

Serving Corona and nearby communities, Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide safe live bee removal services that will benefit any home. Once the bees are removed, our bee removal specialists bring the bees to our own apiary so that they pollinate the local environment!

Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide the following services to Corona and surrounding areas:

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Honey Comb/Bee Hive Removal
  • Bee Removal Repairs
  • Bee Proofing
  • Bee Transfer (to our local apiary so they can thrive)

Bee Removal Repairs

Honey bees aren’t only a nuisance due to their buzzing and/or stinging, but they can also cause some serious damage to your home. When a bee colony moves in, they make way for their honey comb and hive, no matter what’s in their way. Your home may need some serious structural repairs after the bees are removed, especially if the bee colony was in a hard to access place such as your roof or inside the walls. Riverside Bee Removal Pros can help Corona homeowners with any repairs that they may need. Determining which restorations are the best course of action, Riverside Bee Removal Pros repair experts will complete all bee removal home repairs while guaranteeing against water leaks in the future.

Bees in a SpaBee Proofing

Riverside Bee Removal Pros understand Corona families frustration when having to deal with a honey bee infestation. After we’ve taken care of the live bees, we also ensure they won’t return ever again. Assessing your residence for any cracks, gaps, holes or crevices, our bee proofing experts will seal up any area that bees may use to access your home. Additionally, Riverside Bee Removal Pros specialists spray an oil-based sealant to prevent the bees attraction to the site of the old bee hive.

Live Bee Transfer

The Corona area local environment is extremely important to Riverside Bee Removal Pros, which is why we remove all bees without the use of pesticides. Making sure the bees are able to pollinate our local community is extremely critical, especially since California provides approximately half of the United States food supply from our farms. Without honeybees, the US farm industry would be in serious trouble. This is why we bring the bees to our local apiary to live healthy, long lives. Let our Riverside Bee Removal Pros help rid you of your bee problem while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Corona residents looking for bee removal help should call Riverside Bee Removal Pros! Providing quick and professional service, our bee removal experts are just a phone call away. Start living a bee-free life again and get the Riverside Bee Removal Pros over to your home, today!