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Riverside Bee Removal Pros is a full service bee removal and bee control company located in Riverside County. Have a bee problem in or around your home? Riverside Bee Removal Pros can help! Our bee removal services are different. Riverside Bee Removal Pros operates in the most humane way, a process that safely removes the hive without the use of pesticides. With today’s honey-bee population facing sustainability problems, we understand the need to preserve the environment while making sure that bees will no longer be a nuisance to you and your family.

Humane Bee Control

Bees are a critical part of our eco-system. It’s estimated that bees pollinate around 70 percent of our fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Since the California farm industry provides approximately half of the nation’s food, live bee removal is incredibly important. Without bees we would be in a lot of trouble! After every bee removal is complete we drop off the honey bees and their honey comb to a our local bee farm where they continue to do what they do best – pollinate! Riverside Bee Removal Pros bring back the bees to our very own bee farm after every live bee removal.

Bee Removal Repairs

Beehives can be very damaging to a home, with many cases resulting in the hive occupying some of your structure’s interior space. This results in the bee removal process having to cut into a residence’s roof, stucco, siding, or drywall to completely remove the entire beehive that honey bees have built. Riverside Bee Removal Pros can perform any bee removal repair work that may be needed to the structure of your home or business, as well. With 12 years experience in live bee removal and 15 years experience in construction repair, you can be rest assured that your bee problem will be taken care of in a humane and professional manner. Even further, Riverside Bee Removal Pros is insured and all of our bee removal services come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Headquartered in Riverside County in the city of Temecula, Riverside Bee Removal Pros provides bee removal services for all of Southern California, including the cities of Riverside, Murrieta, Chino Hills, Ontario, Corona and Temecula.

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