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Eco Friendly Bee Removal

Have honey bees become a problem in or around your home? Has a honey bee colony made a hive on your property, or in the structure of your residence? Are you frustrated with having to deal with honey bees on a regular basis? It sounds like your family could benefit from live bee removal services. Live bee removal is the process of ridding your home and property of its honey bee nuisance while maintaining the colony so that it can be transported to a nearby beekeeper.

Serving Southern California

Serving the Southern California area, Riverside Bee Removal Pros prides itself in the full-service honey bee removal it provides. Our bee removal experts make sure that honey bees are removed professionally and humanely, without the use of pesticides or poisons. Riverside Bee Removal Pros process ensures that the honey bees will no longer be a problem for your family while protecting the honey bees so that our local environment can benefit.

Protect the Honey Bee Population

Honey bees are incredibly important to California’s ecosystem. Since the state provides about half of the United States’ food from its farms, having a thriving honey bee population is extremely important. Honey bees pollinate an abundance of crops, with some depending 90 percent on a bee’s part of the pollination process. Without honey bees, the United States farm industry would be in big trouble.

This is why you should choose Riverside Bee Removal Pros to help you get rid of the honey bees that are in and around your home. Our bee removal process takes care of not only the honey bees, but the honeycomb and beehive as well. Once we’ve safely removed the honey bees from your residence, we bring the bees to our own Apiary where they can live healthy lives and pollinate our local ecosystem. Don’t deprive Southern California of its honey bees! Riverside Bee Removal Pros can guarantee that the bees that were once your family’s problem will help promote local food production.

Don’t Wait, We’ll Remove those Bees Today

Don’t let honey bees be a problem for your family any longer! Let Riverside Bee Removal Pros help you with your bee infestation. We are available 24/7 and are just a call away. Take back your home and get back to enjoying your backyard. Let our experts handle your bee removal and you’ll soon be bee-free!

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