Bee Proofing Services

Riverside Bee Removal Pros – Bee Proofing

When bees decide to make your home their home, it can be a serious problem. While it’s obvious the honey bees need to be removed, it’s important to consider the environment while doing so. Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide professional help that not only removes the bees from your home but since the process doesn’t use pesticides, helps the local eco-system as well.

Now that you and your family have had to deal with a bee infestation, it’s no surprise you would want to make sure that it never happens again. Unfortunately, bees are creatures of habit and so it’s very important to take bee proofing measures once honey bees are humanely removed from your home.

Bee Infestation Prevention

At Riverside Bee Removal Pros we understand how important it is to prevent bees from returning to your home or property. How did the bees enter your home? Our bee removal proofing specialists will carefully inspect your home and seal any cracks, openings, crevices or gaps to stop bees from coming back in the future. Since a home with even small holes leaves it at risk for further bee infestations, our bee removal specialists make certain there aren’t any areas still open that will allow bees to come back in.

Another important part of the bee proofing process involves stopping bees from smelling their way back to your home. Did you know that bees have an incredible sense of smell? If a bee is able to smell the pheromones left behind from an old hive, they will try to rebuild. This is why Riverside Bee Removal Pros also spray an oil-based sealant when completing our repairs. This sealant will make sure the honey bees can’t smell any scent that remains to prevent the attraction of any more bees to your residence.

If bees have already found your home appealing, bee proofing is essential to the bee removal process to prevent their return. Let the Riverside Bee Removal bee-proof your home so you won’t have to worry about bees ever again!

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Serving the Southern California area, Riverside Bee Removal Pros will be happy to help bee-proof your home. Contact us today! We provide service as soon as possible and will get your home on its way to being bee-free one again.