Bee Removal Escondido

Bee Removal Escondido

Escondido Bee Removal

At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we understand just how important bees are to the ecosystem. Because of the need for bee pollination, we offer live bee removal services instead of using harmful pesticides that can be damaging to our health as well as the environment. For Escondido residents, our live bee removal services can be used to ensure bee infestations in the home are no more, with repair service and bee proofing included.

Riverside Bee Removal Pros Service Options for Escondido and Surrounding Areas:

Bee Removal Repairs in Escondido

Beehives and honeycomb are messy and can wreak havoc on the structure of the home. Not only can the hive damage your property, but for us to completely remove the hive, we may have to remove sections of walls or roofing. All of the hives must be removed so you do not experience additional bee issues in the future. Once the full hive is removed and bees ready for relocation, we provided the much-needed repair service.

We put your home back together again, so there are no signs that a bee infestation took place. Your home is restored once again, with any damage from the hive repaired with expert precision.

Bee Proofing

Along with live bee removal and repairs, Riverside Bee Removal Pros also offers bee proofing service. What good is removing the infestation only to see the bees come back again? With our expert bee proofing services, your home will not be subject to an infestation in the future. Bees are amazing creatures, having a keen sense of smell. When a bee hive is removed, and proofing is not provided, a new colony can smell the former hive and move in. To avoid a new infestation, we use an oil-based sealant and fill in any cracks and crevices to keep bees from entering your home in the future.

Bee Transfer

We have our very apiary at Riverside Bee Removal Pros, ensuring the bees we remove from your home have a new, safe place to live. Our local apiary is an environment where the bees can thrive. Instead of exterminating the bees, they are allowed to acclimate to their new environment and continue to be of benefit to our local eco-system.

In California, this is very important as the bees assist with the food production of the state. The pollination process taking place in local farms is essential to the overall food supply of the US. Without the honey bees, we would be in serious trouble.

To remove a bee infestation from your Escondido home in an environmentally friendly way, contact our office today. Riverside Bee Removal Pros are ready to work for you!