Bee Removal, Bee Repairs & Bee Proofing

Live Bee Removal Services

At Riverside Bee Removal Pros we rid your home of unwanted honeybees humanely, without the use of pesticides. What’s different about live bee removal compared to extermination is that makes sure that any bee nuisance benefits the environment by transplanting the bees to a new location. Our bee removal experts not only ensure that honeybees have been completely removed from your residence, but we also remove their entire honeycomb/ beehive as well.

Honeycomb Poses a Threat to your Home

We understand that having a bee infestation in your home or property can be frustrating, therefore it’s important to prevent any future problems that can happen after-the-fact. Did you know that when a bee hive is eradicated from an attic or wall, remaining honey can melt out of the hive and destroy drywall, stucco, siding, paint and more? This is why it’s important to hire a company that performs Honeycomb Removal services as well

Riverside Bee Removal Pros Honeycomb Removal Services

Riverside Bee Removal Pros’ elimination of the both live bees and their honeycomb is an important part of our process. Preventing the return of bees or other pests to bother you and your family, our bee removal experts spray an oil based sealant to eliminate any chance of bees finding a way back into your home.

Bee Removal Home Repairs

If a bee infestation has resulted in structural damage to your home in the Riverside area, we are here to help. Our bee removal specialists can also handle any repair work that your home may need after the bees have been humanely eradicated. Our bee removal repair services include roof, drywall, stucco, and/or siding renovations.

Feel rest assured! Before our technician starts on any repairs, all estimates are provided to you for your approval. Riverside Bee Removal Pros also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all roof, siding, and stucco repairs against future leaks.

Bee Proofing

Prevention is key when you’re dealing with bee infestations. Riverside Bee Removal Pros will ensure your home will be free of bees for the foreseeable future by sealing up cracks, crevices or any other opening that they can utilize. We pride ourselves in our ability to prevent future bee colonies from taking up residence in your home, so much so that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on our bee proofing services.

Where do the bees go? To our own apiary of course!

Once our Bee Removal Pros are sure your home is bee-free, our bee removal experts transport the live bees to our own apiary in rural area of San Diego County. We keep our bees in Southern California so that they pollinate local crops. Even further, having a local apiary nearby makes sure the transportation of the bees is fast, preventing the potential for honeybee dehydration.

Service available 24/7

Riverside Bee Removal Pros are here to help anytime, day or night! Give us a call 951-265-8292. In most cases our bee removal experts are able to provide same day bee removal service!

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