City of Riverside Bee Removal

Bee Removal, Bee Repairs & Bee Proofing

City of Riverside Bee Removal

Have you been having a bee problem in your Riverside home or property? Riverside Bee Removal Pros are here to help! Our bee removal experts take care of the honey bees that have infiltrated your home in a humane and safe way, without the use of pesticides. Even further, we keep the bees alive and transfer them to our very own apiary. Keeping the bees local to Riverside ensures our local community’s environment will benefit from the pollination they provide!

Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide the following services to the City of Riverside and surrounding areas:

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Honey Comb/Bee Hive Removal
  • Bee Removal Repairs
  • Bee Proofing
  • Bee Transfer (to our local apiary so they can thriv

Bee Removal Repairs

Repairs may be needed to your home after a bee colony has taken up residence. When honey bees create their honeycomb and bee hive, they don’t care what’s in the way. This can result in serious home structure damage that is important to fix. Additionally, if the honey bee colony is hard to access, the bee removal process may require renovations as well. No matter the cause, our bee removal repair experts at Riverside Bee Removal Pros provide high-quality renovations to your home so that it feels as if the bees were never there. Riverside Bee Removal Pros also don’t want you to worry about those winter months! We offer a guarantee on our bee removal construction against future leaks.

Bee removal using lift

Bee Proofing – Ensure Bees Stay Away

Never have bees become a problem for you home again! Riverside Bee Removal Pros bee proofing services make sure your home is no longer a viable option for a honey bee colony. Our experts determine which areas pose a threat for a bee infestation in your home and seal up the holes, openings, cracks and crevices to prevent bees from returning to rebuild. Even further, Riverside Bee Removal Pros bee proofing specialists spray and oil-based sealant that stops bees from being attracted to their old hive. Once the Riverside Bee Removal Pros are finished, your home will be bee-proof, for good.

Bees Transported Live to Our Apiary

Local to Riverside, Riverside Bee Removal Pros understand the benefits bees provide our community. This is why we own our own apiary. Once the bees have been removed from your Riverside home, we transfer them to the apiary so they can continue to do what they do best: pollinate. With California providing approximately half of the United States’ food crops, bees are incredibly important. This is why live bee removal is the best solution. Getting rid of your bees humanely, we’re able help the local environment and farm industry.

Riverside residents looking for professional bee removal help should call Riverside Bee Removal Pros, today! Our bee removal experts provide professional, quick service and your family can go back to being bee-free in no time!