Live Bee Removal Rancho Cucamonga

Live Bee Removal Rancho Cucamonga

A beehive or bee infestation in your Rancho Cucamonga home should be dealt with by professionals. At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we have the experience and skill to safely remove bee infestations from your home. Our experts use natural methods to remove live bees, with relocation services to our own apiary. The bees can continue to be of benefit to the environment as they continue pollinate, just not from your home!

We avoid using any poisons or pesticides so the bees can live and thrive. After removing the bees from your home, along with the honeycomb, we provide quality repair and proofing services so your home can function as normal and not attract more bees to the former hive location.

Services Riverside Bee Removal Pros provides Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding communities include:

  • Live bee removal
  • Honey comb removal
  • Bee hive removal
  • Home repairs after removal
  • Bee proofing

Bee Swarm Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga Bee Removal Repairs

To remove the bees from the home, our experts may have to dismantle a portion of your home. Bees often like to enter walls and the roofline of homes. These areas will need to be cut out to remove any honey comb or portion of the hive that the bees have created. When the hive is in the walls, studs as well as dry wall will have to be replaced once the bees have been removed. Our professional live bee removal experts will assess the damage once the bees are safely removed from the home and make suggestions as to what needs to be completed. Repairs are completed by our staff so your home will be functioning normally in no time

Bee Proofing Services

The bee removal process also requires bee proofing. When a hive has been created in the home, it can attract other bees, even after the hive has been removed. Bee proofing is needed to ensure that your home is not susceptible to another bee infestation. To do this, our pros will use an oil-based sealant. Any cracks and crevices along with holes will be sealed with this solution so bees will not be enticed to enter the home.

Live Bee Removal

The removal process of the bees is very important for Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas. At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we understand the need for pollination provided by honey bees. Our state provides half of that nation’s food source via farming. Bee pollination is needed for a successful farming industry. We do our part to help this industry by not using pesticides and chemicals when relocating the bees. The bees are able to continue to thrive and pollinate, assisting the local farms in food production.

Let our service specialists assist you when bees are found on your property. Our services are environmentally friendly and a humane way to move the bees without affecting the local eco-system. Contact our office today when you notice bees on the property and are in need of removal assistance. We look forward to provide you with optimal service when it comes to live honey bee removal.