Menifee Bee Removal

Menifee Bee Removal

It is not uncommon to see bees near the home, especially during the spring and summer months when the weather turns warmer. However, if you begin to see a collection of bees near your home, you are most likely experiencing a bee infestation. When a bee infestation occurs in the home, receive professional assistance from Riverside Bee Removal Pros! Our team of experts has experience in live bee removal and will take care of your bee issue in a natural and humane way. We do not use pesticides or poisons when removing bees from your Menifee home.

It is important to keep bees alive so they have the ability to pollinate within the ecosystem of Menifee. At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we offer you a bee removal solution as well as serve the local environment, all at the same time!

Our professional live bee removal experts serve Menifee and the surrounding area, providing safe live honey bee removal services for the home. After the bees have been safely removed, our specialists will bring the bees to an apiary that we own. This helps the bees to stay in the local environment, continuing to pollinate as they normally would.

The services we provide Menifee and the surrounding communities include:

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Removal of Honey comb/bee hive
  • Repairs to the home after bee removal
  • Bee proofing
  • Bee transfer

Menifee Bee Removal

Bee Removal Repair Services

Not only are bees a problem because they sting and make a loud buzzing sound, but they also can damage your home’s exterior and interior components. When a colony of bees moves in to your home, they will begin to make honey comb and the hive. Once the bees are removed, structural repairs may be needed to fix what the bees have damaged. Many times, bees access hard to reach places in the walls or in the roofline. With our professional bee removal experts, we can provide removal service as well as help with any home repairs. We can determine what restorations are needed and then complete the home repairs to ensure your home is in quality condition.

Menifee Bee Proofing

At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we understand that your Menifee home needs to be protected from future infestations of bees. It can be difficult to handle an issue with bees so you want to be sure they stay away. After we have removed the live bees from your home, we will assess your residence to make sure that any cracks, holes, gaps or crevices are sealed. Our bee proofing experts take great care to seal your home so that you do not face this issue again in the future. An oil-based sealant is used by our pros to ensure bees will not be attracted to the site where the hive was once located.

Transfer of Live Bees to our own Apiary

The local environment of Menifee is important to our staff at Riverside Bee Removal Pros. We make sure to remove all bees without using harmful chemicals such as pesticides. With our removal process, we relocate the bees so that they can continue to pollinate our local community in Menifee and beyond. It is critical that pollination continue as California uses farms to provide a large amount of the United States food supply. Without the honeybees, the farm industry of the nation would have serious problems.

Residents in Menifee who need assistance with bee removal should contact our office at Riverside Bee Removal Pros. We can provide quick and professional service options to ensure that your home is safe from bees and the pollination process can continue, just somewhere else other than your home!