5 Ways You Can Help Keep Honey Bees Thriving in Your Area

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5 Ways You Can Help Keep Honey Bees Thriving in Your Area

Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. We rely on bees to help pollinate crops, so we can eat, have clothing and medication. Without bees, crops would be unable to produce in the numbers the world requires to survive. Because we rely on bees for many of our everyday luxuries, we must do our part to help them thrive. But what can we do?

Below are five ways you can help the honey bees thrive in your area, helping them survive and continue to be of benefit to our environment. 

Avoid Using Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals

Bees can be killed when chemicals are present near their colony. Avoid using any type of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on plants that are located in your garden. Plants can become contaminated and the product will harm the bees. Plants you purchase should also not be pre-treated with any type of chemical. 

Buy Honey from Local Beekeepers

Local beekeepers can provide you with local honey that will help to ensure the bees in your area thrive. Talk to local beekeepers and see how they practice their beekeeping. You want to purchase honey from those who use sustainable methods for honey gathering. 

Add Bee-Friendly Plants to Your Garden

One way to help the bees in your area to thrive is to plant bee-friendly plants in your garden. Such plants will create pollen and nectar for the bees, which is good food for the bees as well as butterflies. Bees require a regular food supply and by planting such plants, you are providing an instant source for them. 

Educate Yourself

Many people think that bees are a nuisance and will kill them if they get to close. Teach yourself as well as your children more about bees and how they help the environment. Bees are not dangerous, and they do not attack humans. By understanding bees better, you will be able to respect the creature and see how the tiny insect helps our environment. There are interesting documentaries available on bees as well as books that can be used to help you learn more about the insects. 

Avoid Weeding the Garden

In your yard, avoid weeding the garden if at all possible. Dandelions are a perfect example of the types of plants that can provide a good food source for bees. During the early spring, the weeds are sometimes the only food source for bees that will benefit their body. Leave a few remaining so the bees have something for their tummies. 

By learning more about bees you can see how they benefit our environment.
Take these tips into consideration so you can help the bees in your area thrive and grow.