What To Do If You Find a Hive on Your Property?

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What To Do If You Find a Hive on Your Property?

As a home owner, you take great pride in caring for your home as well as property as a whole. You work hard to ensure the landscaping looks it very best and the exterior of your home is in good condition. It is not uncommon for home owners to find a beehive while completing work on the outside of a dwelling. When a hive is located on your property, you may have no idea what to do. If you are allergic to bees, be sure to stay away and contact the professionals for removal. It is advised that a professional company remove the beehive so that the bees can be relocated, so they can continue to thrive and pollinate the local environment. 

Locating the Hive

Beehives are often located in the soffits of the exterior of the home or even within the siding. The removal process of the hive can be difficult based on the location of the hive. An expert in bee removal will be able to ensure the hive is removed and that no portion remains. If any of the hive is left behind and sealing is not provided, bees can return. With proper removal, you will no longer have a bee problem now or in the future. 

Professional Removal

When you find a beehive in the home, be sure to contact a professional removal company. Professionals in the bee industry know how to remove the bees safely and transport them to another location. At Riverside Bee Removal Pros, we have an apiary where we take the bees we remove from homes. Our apiary is located in a remote area where the bees can continue to thrive and work to pollinate local crops. 

In California, the state provides a large source of the United States food supply. The crops farmers plant relies on the bees for pollination to ensure that the crops are fruitful and provide enough for the food supply. With our apiary, we provide an outlet for bees to thrive. By contacting our office when you have a beehive problem, you are ensuring the bees are able to continue their work of pollination, which is much-needed in the state. 

With professional removal services, we take great pride in saving the honey bees but also sealing your home. We work to remove the full hive and seal the area, so you do not have issues with bees in the future. Bees have a strong sense of smell, so we use a sealant that is oil-based to mask the scent of the former hive. This way, bees do not smell the former hive and try to take up residence in your home in the future. 

For more information on our bee removal services and how to handle a beehive, contact our office today.